Louis Hyunho Choi

Executive Officer / Trans-Eurasia Information Network Cooperation Centre (TEIN*CC)

Louis Hyunho Choi is currently the Executive Officer of the Trans-Eurasia Information Network Cooperation Centre (TEIN*CC), which manage and operate the regional Research and Education network, TEIN, and its related activities under the Asi@Connect project. He has been involved TEIN project in Korea since 2010 and dedicated for establishment of TEIN*CC and launching TEIN4 project.

  • Prior to joining TEIN*CC he worked for NIA (National Information Society Agency) in Korea the Korean Government affiliated agency and managed various IT and network related projects for Korean Government.

  • Also he was expertized in the research and education network for more than a decade and has been involved in KOREN (Korea advanced Research Network) and its related cutting-edge applications and technologies.

  • He is also the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) TC/223 (Societal Security) Delegation of Korea.

Louis Hyunho Choi's Keynote

Title: The Challenge of the R&E Network Research Environment after COVID-19

COVID-19 is a new coronavirus disease. It first appeared in people in December 2019, and has quickly spread around the world.

COVID-19 is facing a crisis in today's R&E research environment. Many researchers and scientists will have to deviate from the existing methods of research activities and seek effective directions. Especially, many changes are required in the R&E network research environment. Existing many people shared research content and results through direct exchange and sought cooperation plans by face to face meetings and conferences. However, since COVID-19, it has changed to a non-contact direction, posing many challenges to the research environment. I would like to share ideas for responding to these environmental challenges in the future.