Eric Yen

Research Scientist
Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC)

Eric Yen is a research scientist at Academia Sinica Grid Computing Centre (ASGC) in Taiwan. Eric Yen has been actively involved in APAN activities for more than 15 years ranging from Application area, Technology area and APAN meeting organization in addition to regional network collaborations.

  • He initiated the Disaster Mitigation Working Group together with Dr. Denis F. Villorente of ASTI Philippines from the BOF stage at APAN41 in 2016.

  • Mr. Yen is also the co-chairman of APAN Cloud Working Group aiming to promote regional collaborations through Cloud Working Group Meetings at every APAN meeting since APAN38.

  • Eric Yen has been acting as the chairperson of APGridPMA (Policy Management Authority) from 2008 which is building interoperable global trust federation (IGTF) supporting distributed research infrastructure together with PMAs in Europe (EUGridPMA) and America (TAGPMA).

Eric Yen's Keynote

Title: “Capacity enhancement for sustainability - Experiences from regional collaborations on disaster mitigation”