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APAN 51 Virtual Meeting and Conference

1-5 February 2021 -

Research and Education have become ever more collaborative, cross-institutional, and international. They depend on advanced, high-quality and high-performance networks to reach collaborators, teachers, students, as well as access to key research infrastructure. The current pandemic situation has further demonstrated the immense value of networks to support research, education and societies as they maintain connectivity and communication across cities, nations and continents.

The Members of APAN have been delivering the National Research and Education (NREN) services to their member institutions for many years, and continually evolve to support the explosion in Research and Education demands. APAN focusses on actual researchers, educators and technical support staff, bringing together those who need networks with those who build them.

APAN 51 will again be run online, with a range of innovative interaction models across all session-types, and demonstrating the abilities of modern collaboration technologies to deliver an engaging experience regardless of location.

As part of fostering global participation in this event, there will be no registration fee, it is free to attend and participate for everyone, from anywhere, with a relevant interest in networking and IT in the support of research and education.

Target Audience

  • Researchers Educators and students

  • Network Managers and Engineers

  • Computing and storage service providers

  • University administrators and leaders

  • NREN leaders and developers

  • Software developers and engineers

  • Trainers and Workforce developers

  • Librarians and data managers

  • Industry suppliers of R&E capabilities

Why You Should Participate

  • To learn share connect and develop new collaborations across the Asia-Pacific region including research and teaching universities; libraries; science and cultural institutions; technology businesses; policy and government staff.

  • To share discoveries and insights to see demonstrations of modern research and education technologies to participate in workshops and develop your skills.

This Call

Submissions are sought on anything related to the use of networks in research and education in any discipline or domain. Suggested areas of interest include, but are not limited to:

EDUCATIONOnline-learning/teaching, industry platforms, best-practices/ pedagogy, smart classrooms, distance education

Research domains – e.g. agriculture, telemedicine/health, disaster management, food security, biosciences, physics, humanities and social sciences, arts and culture;

Big data, AI/ML, algorithm development;

Research Data management and sharing, open access, eResearch;


Advanced Network design and technologies, SDN, IoT/IoE;

HPC, Cloud, Visualisation;

Smart campuses, Smart Cities;

Infrastructure scalability, performance, and robustness


In user communities: Research, Education;

In support communities: Network Engineers, Research Software Engineers, Research Librarians, etc.


Cyberspace Governance and policy;

R&E infrastructure sustainability;

Cybersecurity, information security, securing NRENs and institutions

Delivery Choices

The conference will offer a range of delivery choices, including:

  • full virtual sessions with you as chair/organiser

  • individual presentations (informal)

  • individual academic papers (formal)

  • workshops carpentries (training)

  • lightning talks virtual posters showcases demonstrations

  • hackathons BoF/SIG and panel sessions

  • Any other idea you may have.

You will be asked to nominate your preference(s) and suggestions when submitting. The Review committee will evaluate submissions and can help recommend the best choice if you are unsure

Important Dates

The call for all submissions is open NOW

  • Full workshop/session proposals are due by 11 DECEMBER 2020 - to be announced by 24 December.

  • All other presentation/talks and similar proposals are due by 24 DECEMBER 2020 - to be announced by 10 January 2021.

Contact Us

For registration and sponsorship issues, please contact Local Organizing Committee, Pakistan Education & Research Network (PERN) at [email protected]

For Programme/ log-in issue after registration or technical supports during APAN51, Please contact APAN Secretariat at [email protected]