BoF AI-driven Networks

Session Chair / Co-ChairWang-Cheol Song
Email[email protected]
OrganizationJeju National University
Thursday 4th February 2021




The aim of BoF AI Driven Networks is to share experience to design, manage, maintain, and protect the network using artificial intelligence (AI) and escalate collaboration for AI driven networks in APAN community.
The ultimate goal AI Driven Networks is to encourage the collaboration of technical experiences and knowledge regarding AI-enabled networks. This will lead to the development of an intelligent, scalable, sustainable, and easy-to-deploy technical platform for each APAN member country to manage its respective national research and education networks.
In addition, automated processing of incidents in a data-driven domain agnostic manner without the need for expert rules would help significantly enhance automation in Network Operations Centers (NOCs). AI techniques enable us to discover co-occurring patterns in such a stream of alarms, and other events, which helps to quickly identify the root cause in most fault scenarios, eventually transforming a traditional NOC into an iNOC (Intelligent Network Operations Center). To this end, the BoF AI-driven Networks  in APAN will target:
1. Sharing experience for developing Intelligence in NREN
2. Intelligent automation in APAN networks
3. Intelligent operation automation in NOCs
4. Collaboration to integrate intelligent networks in APAN community
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